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About Us

Lune Co was born out of a genuine care for helping people choose healthier supplements and a healthier lifestyle that actually yields results.

We have been in the health and fitness industry for a long time and have seen many fads come and go. After owning a gym in Waukesha, Wisconsin called GuitarTown Athletics and having hundreds of personal training clients, writing fitness programming for 500+ people daily, running a nutrition group with over 1000 members, and continuously researching how we can better support our clients, we came across ashwagandha.

We took ashwagandha ourselves and immediately noticed that it helped with our sleep. Over time, we noticed we were less stressed, we were recovering better, most of our health metrics and fitness numbers were all improving, and we generally just felt great. We couldn't understand why nobody was talking about this supplement.

After doing extensive research and finding out many of ashwagandha's health claims have actually been proven in clinical studies, we decided to go all in and bring ashwagandha to the health and fitness world ourselves. Lune was born and we've never looked back.

We care about the health of our own bodies, the health of our customers, and the health of our planet. In everything we do, these are our driving factors. We hope to grow and promote this message of wellness far and wide.


-Jeff, Mandy, and Brian.