Read the studies yourself:

Decrease Cortisol, Stress, and Anxiety

Increased Muscle Strength and Size

Improved Endurance


Ashwagandha is an all-natural adaptogenic herb that has been used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) for over 5,000 years. Recently it has gained popularity as studies are backing up its benefits to physical and mental health.

Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to:

-Help reduce stress and tension

-Help promote memory and cognitive function

-Support a healthy heart function

-Support endurance, strength, muscle size

-Improve sleep quality

-Support sexual function

-Support healthy weight management

-Support immune health

Our ashwagandha has a strong scientific base with over 24 studies that support its effectiveness: 10 published studies, 6 additional studies complete and in peer review, and 8 ongoing studies.