How To Recover Faster

All athletes should be looking for ways to improve their recovery so that they can feel less sore and keep hitting the gym hard day after day. No matter how hard you work in the gym, you won't be hitting your goals if you are not focusing on your recovery. Most muscle groups typically require 24 to 48 hours after a hard workout to fully recover, but a well trained athlete can recover quicker and there are even methods beginners can use to speed up recovery, whether that is just to feel less sore or to be able to pack in more training days in the week.

If your body is not properly recovering from the work you put in yesterday, then you are not making any progress by putting it through another tough training session today. Here are the top recommended ways experts suggest to recover from workouts faster:


Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to recovery. Your body sleeps in order to recover from the day before, and the higher quality the sleep then the higher quality the recovery. Did you know that Lune Co Ashwagandha is proven to help you sleep more deeply? This means that our ashwagandha can help improve recovery times! Furthermore, the body releases Growth Hormone during restful sleep which helps the body rebuild bigger and stronger.


After a hard workout you should always stretch. Stretching helps muscles recover quickly and will help you feel less sore the next day. Stretching also helps you have a better range of motion so you are less likely to experience an injury while lifting weights.

Replenish Lost Fluids

Dehydration is a common factor that slows down recovery time. Your muscles need ample water and electrolytes to quickly rebuild after a workout. After working out, make sure you drink plenty of water or an electrolyte fluid in order to stay hydrated. Lune recommends drinking water and avoiding "sports drinks" which often contain tons of sugar.

Eat Healthy Recovery Foods

Your muscles need carbohydrates and proteins to rebuild and become stronger. Studies suggest that ingesting carbohydrates and proteins after a workout improve protein synthesis and allow the body to recover faster. Lune Wellness Company suggests eating lean meat and rice or a simple low-sugar protein shake after working out!

Decrease Stress

When your body is experiencing stress, it uses vital resources to protect the body and attempt to decrease stress. One of the ways it does this is by releasing cortisol which can put the body in a "fight or flight" response. Studies suggest that by reducing stress, the body is able to relax and instead of protecting itself, it uses its resources to help rebuild muscles. Lune Co Aswhagandha is a proven method to decrease cortisol levels and improve the body's response to stress. This means that ashwagandha helps the body use its resources to recover faster throughout the day! 

Overall, recovery should be a top priority for anyone who works out. You are only as good as your recovery routine! As shown above, Lune Ashwagandha helps recovery in multiple ways. Get 40% off our ashwagandha in the link below!


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